It's that easy:With these 5 tips for optimal leather care

At NUX we believe in durability and quality. It is therefore important to us that you enjoy our leather goods for as long as possible. Daily wear can put a lot of stress on your favorite piece. Leather is a natural material and develops an individual patina over time. If you follow a few valuable tips on care, you can enjoy your product for a long time. Here are our personal top 5 tips on the subject of leather care:

NUX tipps leather care

1. Our tip in advance: impregnate!

Your handbag is your loyal companion in every situation and you don't want to ever give it out of your hand again. Then we advise you to use the bag for the first timen to be impregnated in order to optimally protect them from dirt and moisture. So you are safe when a rain shower surprises you. You should repeat an impregnation regularly so that your NUX companion is protected in the long term. In general, we recommend impregnating first and then caring for it, for example with a leather lotion, so that the product applied afterwards is evenly absorbed into the surface.

For all of the following care tips, we give a general recommendation so that your NUX bag stays as beautiful as it is: Please test each product you want to use beforehand on an invisible area. This can be, for example, on an inside slip of the bag, on a spot on the floor or on the inside of the shoulder strap. Carefully try out a small area, take courage!

How to waterproof properly:

  1. For the best result of the impregnation effect, wipe it off beforehand with a soft, white cloth so that your bag is free of contamination.
  2. Make sure you use the spray in a well-ventilated room, or better yet, outside.
  3. Shake the waterproofing can for about 20 seconds before you start.
  4. And let's go! With a spray distance of at least 30 cm you get the best effect. Apply the spray thinly with even movements. It is important that the bag is only sprayed on the surface and not soaked through.
  5. After about 20 minutes the product should be completely absorbed. You are welcome to repeat the process again to increase the protection against moisture.

2. Now it goes on: care

To ensure that your NUX product remains your favorite companion for a long time, we recommend regular moisturizing. It is best to always apply the leather lotion to a light cloth first, never directly on the leather. This will ensure that your bag will not be stained.

How to properly care:
Get advice from a leather retailer when choosing the best care product. Apply the product to your soft cloth and spread it over the leather in circular motions so that the product penetrates evenly into the skin. You should refresh the care about every one to three months, depending on how often your NUX product accompanies you. 

3. Think long-term: keep it

    Particularly fine, open-pored leather requires special care. Small scratches can occur, especially with daily use. We at NUX believe that experiences, just like in life, leave their mark and your bag tells its own story. But if you want to counteract the signs of the times, here are our tips on the subject of storage.”.

    How to store correctly:

    1. In contact with rough surfaces, small scratches can occur on the leather surface. We therefore recommend that you always store your bag carefully. When the product is not in use, it is best to put it in our enclosed NUX dust bag.
    2. Leather can change when exposed to strong light, it can become dry or darken. It is therefore best to protect your bag from light and stow it in a dark place. But in general: NUX bags are much better carried than lying in the closet!

    4. Safety first: Protect

      Yes, it rains quite a bit in Germany. Therefore: Safety first! Contact with water and other liquids can stain your companion. Protect it from rain and moisture if possible.

      How to dry properly:
      If your bag gets wet, immediately dab it carefully with a white cloth. Don't dry them on the heater; let them dry slowly at room temperature. This ensures that the leather does not become hard.

      5. If something does not go completely smoothly: Clean

        One time not paying attention and something went wrong. As with most things in life, it can often be straightened out. In the event of contamination, we recommend that you follow the steps below.

        How to clean properly:
        Gently work the dirty areas with a clean, white cloth or a soft, white eraser. More severe soiling can be removed with a cleaning lotion if necessary. Be sure to seek advice from a specialist dealer and bring your product with you!

        So much for us, have fun with your NUX product so that you can enjoy it for a long time!

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